Master planning a nation state

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

THE State of Pakistan as is, needs Master Plans for some basics as it is home to a population of two hundred million people plus. These people need to live off this land under some laws and some non-politiciseable infrastructural features that must not be altered like a rigid constitution or as a part thereof. These features are ‘utilization of land’, ‘utilization of water resources’, ‘utilization of mineral resources’, ‘utilization of human resources’, utilization of air and space resources’, and ‘all that is edible’. More. We need a new set of laws both criminal and civil codes in consonance with our founding ideology. The 1866 framework as is applicable, was made for ‘rulers’ and not ‘servants’. This is an impediment to our independent status as a nation-state. One cannot disregard in this day and age that the ability levels of a nation-state to produce anything determines its prosperity and degree of independence.
The economic scavenging of national resources and the political criteria to legitimise the subservience of the people by a hoard of elected, or imposed, or selected rulers is degrading for a citizen. Intently hearing and watching the political campaigning by political leaders is a sickening exercise. They all seem to be telling us citizens, their employers, that you will get schools and colleges, hospitals and rescue services, plots of land and food, drinking water and other similar essentials from us! What they are not saying is that they have a plan, which will enable us to use our asset-base in a manner that we get all these facilities from their management skills. What instead is being said is that these basic rights will be like handouts from them! This is derogatory and defamatory to our status as citizens and owners of the asset-base called Pakistan.
I for one, take serious offence and object to this nonsense as it demeans my status as a first class citizen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. If the judiciary has woken up from their slumber then the restoration of my right as a citizen and their own for that matter, must first prevail foremost. In restricting these political peddlers to refrain from any such comments or offerings in their fictional manifestos and speeches is a valid writ. The point at issue is the legitimacy of the entire act of election. Are we having elections to please the world and retain a smoke screen on the status quo, or are we electing ‘servants’ with a known plan for performance? How will a political party optimise the use of the natural resources for the benefit of the human resource is what the election of a government is all about? There are no two opinions and there should never be. Let us take for example the Army Act, The Foreign Policy, the Defence policy, the Healthcare Policy, the Fiscal policy of the country and the like. What are the positions being taken by these political parties, except slander?
There are two very basic things to consider by us the people of Pakistan. One how do we evaluate in material worth our natural resources and how best can these resources serve the vital economic, security and welfare interest of us the people even-handedly. One does not need political viewpoints out here we need a geographical survey and an accurate head count.
We need after this truthful picture a standards institution to regulate their management at the front end of material technology capped by what will then be referred to as the law of the land. The political role thereafter is miniscule in managing the state. One party may prioritise one issue over the other and period. The irony is the undisclosed financial cushion that is sought by all political, defence and bureaucratic forces for doing their job. Probably we are the only country in the world where the cost of governance is several times more than the cost of development. Politicians in fact want this cushion to go for a dynastical positioning of their individual status. This has become a social plague at all levels and to live with this is an appalling indicator of sure destruction.
Without wanting to repeat myself I reiterate that in the ‘reversion to our ideology’ rests the solution without a doubt. To find a place in the community of nation-states one needs money and that does not come without a quid pro quo. We need to define in legislative terms whoever we are and what are the rules we will live with the ‘world order’ notwithstanding! It is with this declaration will come your recognition or otherwise from a world that seeks for nation-states perpetual indebtedness. It is not territory, population and government that make a nation-state it is debt included. The hilarious notion is that if you are free from debt then you are free from neo colonialism and therefore a potential threat to global peace!
Friends let us cut crap and seek independence in real terms. We have a clear choice of following the divine dictum for our model of an economic model or remain a pushover on the chessboard of global politics. Our master plans must be a model for others like us to replicate by popular consensus and that will real victory of our existence. In optimisation of land utilisation and labour deployment lies the ethos of our economy, politics and independence. Look inwards not out at others.
— The writer is an entrepreneur and author based in Karachi.

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