Massive reshuffle in bureaucracy for fair polls


Zahid Chaudhary


Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Wednesday approved a massive administrative reshuffle in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan in what has been described as a move to ensure transparent elections next month. The changes were proposed by the caretaker federal and provincial governments and were approved by the election commission.
In Punjab, the services of 18 police officers and 28 senior government officers were returned to the federal government. The transfers of 64 officers of Punjab police, thirty four secretaries and managing directors in the province were approved. In addition, the transfers of 35 deputy commissioners, 77 SSPs, AIGs and SPs have been approved as well
In Sindh, the transfers of 14 secretaries have been okayed besides the transfers of two AIGs, 14 DIGs and various SSPs. The transfers of six commissioners and 33 deputy commissioners have been approved in the province.
In Balochistan, the transfers of three secretaries, six commissioners, thirty three deputy commissioners and sixty four assistant commissioners have been approved. The transfers of 31 sub-divisional police officers (SDPOs) have also been approved in the province.
With this, major demand of certain political parties for changing the administration in the provinces has been met. Earlier this month, the caretaker government with the active consultations of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and provincial caretaker chief ministers, had changed all the four provincial chief secretaries and inspectors general of police to ensure free and fair elections in the country next month.

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