Mass shooting

America again crumbles with the mass shooting in Las Vegas that has claimed 60 lives and injured more than 500. It is the most deadly mass shooting in the US history after the Orlando massacre that resulted in 49 perpetuated by Omar Mateen last year. However, there is a sharp contrast in reaction on the both shootings.
Unlike a similar attack on a nightclub in Manchester and Orlando massacre Donald Trump, who had congratulated himself for being correct on radical Islamic terrorism in series of tweets during his presidential campaign, only offered “warmest condolences” this time. Neither any of other world leaders condemns it as an act of terrorism. This is not unique, when Terry Nicolos and Timothy MicVeigh bombed Oklahoma and killed about 170 people, they were not incriminated with terrorism charges. So is the case in Charleston church shooting, Dylaan Roof, a white supremacist who attacked a church of African-Americans was not impeached with terrorism.
The explanation rendered for such hypocrisy is itself deeply rooted in the American society and in its laws. For instance, the US federal laws proclaim any act as an act of terrorism in which either a perpetrator must have links with foreign terrorist organisations or he is immigrants. Besides, the colour of perpetrators’ skin plays a vital role in the impeachment of terrorism charges. If the perpetrator’s complexion is white and native, he could be mentally retarded or anything but not a terrorist and his acts are condemnable. But if the perpetrator is black especially Muslim his same evil acts become terrorism and inspired by radical Islamic fundamentalists.
While the recent gun-violence has shocked anyone, it didn’t much surprise Americans. Only in this year more than 350 have been killed so far and mass shooting is every day event. Bottom line is fault is not in our stars but in ourselves; first introspect oneself before passing the buck to the other.

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