Mass contact by MNS

FORMER Prime Minister and PML (N) President Mian Nawaz Sharif launched party’s mass contact campaign from Abbottabad on Sunday where he pulled an impressive crowd. This prompted him to say he still lives in the minds and hearts of the people and that his name has become an ideology.
Nawaz Sharif conveyed a firm and clear message not only to his party-men, supporters and sympathisers but also to his opponents by declaring that he was going nowhere, will live with his people in Pakistan and is ready to go to jail — a reference to the possible outcome of the on-going references against him and his family members, which he termed as victimisation. This is important because his well-wishers and critics were in a wait and see mode as there was some confusion whether or not MNS would face cases or return to London. There were also rumours of a possible deal but announcements of the former Prime Minister at his public meeting and his tone and tenor clearly showed he has decided to fight back. His tone was bitter which is being interpreted by some circles as signs of confrontation but we believe a leader, who feels wronged, is fully entitled to, at least, air his grievances. If opponents are using all tactics at their disposal then he too has the right to defend himself and his party, which is no doubt the largest political party of the country. Presence of Mian Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan and his leading of the election campaign would have salutary effect on the overall political and election prospects of PML (N). However, there would be daunting challenges in view of time-bound nature of NAB references. There are pressures on the party and he needs to enlist wholehearted support of his party-men, which should not be difficult if both Nawaz and CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif become instrumental in addressing concerns and complaints of Leaguers.

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