Maryam’s deep interest in education

IN a major development, Prime Minister’s Education Reforms initiative in the Federal Capital has successfully been implemented under the active and dynamic supervision of Maryam Nawaz Sharif. According to a report, appearing in this newspaper, all 422 schools of the capital would bear a new look after summer vacations as buildings have been renovated and repaired, new furniture and equipment have been provided and buses are also being provided in a phased manner.
This was a pilot project and as per original scheme of things this is to be replicated in rest of the country and we hope it will be done on priority basis. What has been achieved in Islamabad is surely the direct result of the personal interest shown by the illustrious daughter of the Prime Minister, who has been taking notice of shortcomings of education system in the capital and playing critical role in removing them. Islamabad once was a model city in respect of quality and standards of education but with the passage of time decline was witnessed and complaints are being heard about lack of basic facilities. Therefore, we appreciate the interest shown by Ms Maryam Nawaz and hope that she will continue to remain on the vigil to bring about a transformation in the system. However, apart from Islamabad, she should also divert her attention to other parts of the country as well where education stands neglected. We are aware that education is a Provincial subject and the Punjab Government, under the active guidance of Chief Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, has launched a number of initiatives to improve facilities as well as standard of education but in most areas of Sindh, KPK and Balochistan, the situation is pathetic. We are confident that Maryam Nawaz has necessary guts to influence things there and persuade the authorities concerned to take necessary measures in this regard. Federal Government can provide technical assistance and if necessary financial assistance as well in reforming the system there.

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