Marvi Sirmed’s home ransacked

Staff Reporter


Journalist and activist Marvi Sirmed’s laptops and other valuables have been burgled from her home in Islamabad, her husband reported on Thursday.
Manzoor Sirmed reported on Twitter that the family had found their home ransacked upon returning from Lahore after Eid. He said that laptops and other valuables present in the house were taken away.
Two laptops, one smartphone, passports of family members and other travel documents were taken.
Surprisingly, her jewellery — apart from a gold ring and two bangles — was left untouched.
Marvi said the ‘burglars’ had detached her new passports from old ones “and took the valid ones while leaving the expired ones behind”.
Rights organisations, journalists, activists and other prominent Pakistanis expressed their concerns on Twitter over the incident.

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