Marriyum castigates Imran for his hypocrisy


The Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb responding to the fulminations of Imran Khan at PTI workers convention on Sunday, wherein he accused the government of attacking the state institutions and vowed to defend their honour, strongly castigated him for what she termed as sheer hypocrisy on his part.
In a statement issued here Sunday, she asked that how a person who had been abusing the state institutions, had attacked the parliament and hung dirty clothes on the premises of the Supreme Court, could talk about defending and upholding their sanctity and honour?
She said Imran Khan had used Zakat funds for money laundering and was a fugitive from three courts but he still had the audacity to point accusing fingers at others and ask for their accountability.
Marriyum advised Imran to unlock the Ehtsab Commission of KPK and put that lock on his own wagging tongue.
The MOS said Imran was a liar, a thief and a mentally deranged person and the entire nation was witness to that. Marriyum said the workers of PTI had seen the real face of Imran and were deserting him to join other political parties and the masses were well aware of what he was doing to them.
She said PTI had become a party of the corrupt elements and carpet-baggers. She advised Imran to wait for the SC decision, adding the prime minister would emerge triumphant like always and Imran would have to eat dust.—APP

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