Marriott disputes action by CDA

Staff Reporter

In a statement issued on Wednesday Marriot hotel administration has strongly disputed the action by Capital Development Authority at Islamabad Marriott.
It says we don’t need to remind anyone that we have been victims of terrorism in the past and for us the security and safety of our guests is of the utmost importance to us.
Islamabad Marriot Hotel is not just a hotel, but a home for many guests who come to visit Pakistan, invest in Pakistan, and contribute to the growth of Pakistan. Hashoo Group has always remained at the forefront of hospitality in Pakistan. We believe we are custodians of Pakistani hospitality and have welcomed thousands of visitors over the past few decades.
The statement further says actions of CDA at Marriot Islamabad are in contradiction to the advice of the High Court.
We are shocked and angry the CDA decided to go to this extreme without consulting us or notifying us. We are looking at our options and will take any step necessary to deal with this situation to protect not just our guests but the image of Pakistani hospitality. Regardless of what happened today its business as usual for us and we will continue to serve our guests in the way we have always done.

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