Marriages in Pakistan!

With due respect, I want to state that I’m a student of BS honours in Sociology in Karachi University. I have mass communication in my minors. My teacher has given me the task to get 3 of my letters published in the most famous English newspapers of the country. That’s why, sending you this with a lot of hope and duas. I will be honoured if such miracle happens!:) ‘Marriages here in Pakistan’
Marriages are not the joyous events for any middle class family here in Pakistan. When time comes close to the marriage the burden becomes double, because of a lot of reasons. One of them is to give the best dowry and other one is to be in limelight or famous in the never ending talks of relatives and aunties that start after saying goodbye at the main doors! Discussions start with the Moto of ‘to compete with others and to be the best’ and ends at the sad faces after realizing that budget is not enough! Only hoping for the good and depending on the government’s orders will not make any difference. People’s mentality needs to be changed. People need to understand the fact that spending lacs or millions on a wedding event that only lasts for 4,5 hours and will definitely not be remembered by your neighbour’s khala whom you are going to invite at your daughter’s extravagant wedding. Trend of sending good wishes and prayers on social media should be set or any other alternative should be followed so that the burden on the bride’s family could be decreased and the wedding could be enjoyed not only by the guests but by the host too!

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