Many faces of Indian PM

M Z Rifat

The bitter fact that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has many faces vis-a-vis Pakistan and he changes one face with another every now and then according to his needs and requirements. It has been reiterated on the occasion of the Heart of Asia Conference held in Amritsar, India, the other day. According to the reports in the print and electronic media, the Indian PM warmly shook hands with leader of Pakistan delegation/Advisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz on the borderline of the moot, enquired about welfare of Pakistan Premier Nawaz Sharif and expressed his best wishes for the well-being of his Pakistani counterpart. This was one face of Indian PM which all delegates saw and noted.
Afterwards, the Indian PM put on another face and with that the Indian Government authorities withered away in the thin air all diplomacy and diplomatic norms insofar Pakistan delegation and its leader was concerned. Our PM’s Advisor on Foreign Affairs was not allowed to talk to anyone supposedly due to what was stated as “ security concerns and risks” in his hotel, stopped from talking to the media at a news conference and also prevented from going to the Golden Temple, the holy and sacred worship place of the Sikhs. Not only this. Pakistan High Commissioner in New Delhi Abdul Basit was also not allowed to talk to Pakistani journalists who were accompanying Mr Sartaj Aziz for coverage of the moot proceedings.
Quite obviously all these hostile and undiplomatic attitude of the Indian authorities was not possible without a nod from their Prime Minister who was around all the time. The world at large knows, though some including India prefer to keep their eyes shut, that Pakistan is facing challenges of militancy, extremism and terrorism and fighting war on terror for many years and offering numerous sacrifices to eliminate these elements. And, the Indian PM had put on another face when he inaugurated the Heart of Asia Conference along with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and lashed out at Pakistan indirectly by saying “we must counter terrorists and their masters.”
The Indian PM quite obviously lashed out at Pakistan at the moot without naming it explicitly to divert the attention of the delegates from New Delhi’s continued atrocities and oppression in occupied Kashmir i.e. shelling and killing of innocent civilians on the Line of Control (LoC). Leader of Pakistan delegation was not allowed to hold a press conference so that he could not draw the attention of all foreign delegations foreign media present to burning Kashmir issue. The Indian PM is thus showing another face through gross human rights violations in held Kashmir and on Line of Control.

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