Mantra of ‘surgical strikes’

AS the nation is expressing complete solidarity with oppressed Kashmiris, who are being subjected to worst kind of brutality these days by Indian occupation forces, New Delhi is trying to deflect attention from the gory situation in Occupied Kashmir by hurling naked threats of aggression against Pakistan. Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who is in the habit of churning out venom against Pakistan, did so once again on Friday threatening the country of ‘more surgical strikes’.
Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa promptly responded to the threat by making it clear that Pakistan Army is ready to give befitting response to any aggression from across the border. He aptly pointed out that violations on LoC and the Working Boundary were part of the attempts to divert world attention from atrocities against Kashmiris. This is not for the first time that India has made known its designs against Pakistan as its political and military leaderships have been issuing provocative statements time and again over the past several months. This is despite the fact that Pakistan has all along been making endeavours to reduce regional tension and for this purpose it has gone extra mile. India is reluctant to share any evidence in respect of Mumbai attacks but has been indulging in intense propaganda campaign to defame Pakistan on this account. However, now that Pakistan has taken some more steps as part of its obligations as responsible member of the international community, India is describing these measures as cosmetic and is using all propaganda tools at its disposal to malign Pakistan. Anyhow, as categorically stated by General Bajwa, Pakistani nation and its armed forces are ready to foil any misadventure by India and resolve and capability of Pakistan is fully known to the enemy. India is giving lollipop of surgical strikes to its public opinion as part of its strategy to build false image of being a dominant military force but everyone knows the ground realities. India would get nothing by raising the ante and instead it should respond to cooperative and peaceful gesture by Pakistan, which is the only course to address disputes between the two countries.

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