Man proposes and God disposes



Zaheer Bhatti

The Zionist Game Plan of wresting world resources through war and covert operations is still on and will probably never let up until met by its own nemesis.
US, the once upon a time superpower, is rapidly losing face and being stung by its own prognosis little realizing that it was facing increasing isolation in a resurgent world chastened by perpetual exploitation and standing up to be counted. Donald Trump has lately put Pakistan on its Watch List for severe violations of religious freedom, whereas if the fading super power introspected dispassionately, it ought to be the United States and its closest allies Israel and India that need to be put on such a watch list by the OIC and the United Nations. All three are guilty of rank persecution of Muslim minorities in their own countries besides in territories they have occupied by force namely the States of Palestine and Kashmir they refuse to liberate; their human treachery being exposed and splashed over the social media in the face of apathy by the civility claiming world. Lately, its jinxed policies and overtones such as the folly of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has subjected the United States Government to history’s worst backlash and worldwide condemnation including by its frontline allies.
In a moment of reckoning, a former US Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul, the founder of Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity acknowledged Martin Luther King as an emblem of peace in advancing his African-American Civil Rights Movement and opponent of the war on Vietnam, who was murdered by the American Deep State (the Government). He was speaking on his Show on Monday 15 January to mark Dr. King’s 89th birthday as the American nation staged nation-wide demonstrations and protests against racial and economic injustices in the United States. Ron cited legendary boxer Mohammed Ali who refused to be drafted for the Vietnam War ‘to go and kill people who had done him no harm,’ as the other example of those who believed in principled non-violent civil disobedience.
This rising phenomenon of public resentment was an anti-thesis to Donald Trump’s US (Deep State Government’s) anti-immigration policies perpetuating the imperial dogma which believes in war and aggression as an instrument of economic domination of the victim and profiting from the act of war or its outcome. Despite having achieved excellence and supremacy in technological advancement, those at the helm of affairs in the US are increasingly seen lacking in the courage of their convictions and relying on proxies rather than leading from the front with their own boots on the ground; be it Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan while attempting regime change by funding and inciting rebellion in countries like Egypt, Turkey and Iran.
One has often wondered why none of the so-called Islamist terrorist outfit leaders such as Osama Bin Laden and Aiman-al-zawahiri of Al-Qaeda, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi of ISIS or Daesh, and Mulla Fazlullah of the Tehreek Taliban Pakistan, were ever interviewed over the international media and engaged in an open debate, probing and confronting them over whatever they stood for, and as to who financed and equipped them, and what justification did they offer in killing the innocent across the globe but mainly in the Islamic world. Quite understandably, the Zionist troika would not do it for fear of exposing the skeletons in their own cupboard because if the grouse of the so-called Jehadists was against imperial occupation forces, why is it that they never hurt American, Jew or Indian interests or their worldwide assets of men and material? The inference to be drawn is no rocket science as the real perpetrators and ventriloquists are the ones pointing fingers at predominantly Muslims across the globe in order to smokescreen their own crimes against humanity.
While the discerning world is gradually beginning to see through the hegemonic agenda of the imperialists, back home Pakistan has been served a timely warning to review its lame-duck ‘Yours Truly’ subservient conduct of the past and continuing to suffer. This is not to suggest by any means to lock horns with the United States, but to stand up on principle and give it back with logic and evidence to those who continue to run down Pakistan speaking the Indian language whose increasing proximity and trading partnership with the US one has no quarrel with, but whose spoiler role against Pakistan one cannot accept.
It has been very reassuring that Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi of Pakistan at the United Nation, responded to the hackneyed US accusation of ‘terrorist safe havens in Pakistan’ by telling the UN Security Council that Afghanistan and its partners especially the US, need to address the challenges inside Afghanistan rather than shift the onus of ending the conflict on to others. ‘They need a reality check,’ she said, and perhaps due to diplomatic constraints stopped short of asking them to also introspect whether they really wanted peace in the region and across.
While India as assigned, continues to divert from grave persecution in its occupied territory of Muslim Kashmir by accusing Pakistan for harboring terrorists, the Afghan minority puppet Government is understandably forced to parrot the same mantra because addicted entirely to US funding, poor Ashraf Ghani acknowledging it cannot survive without American sustenance for more than 3 days, is bound to play the pied piper.
An advice to the imperial nexus would be for it to learn to prosper the Chinese way which believes in mutual trust, development and prosperity such as through their One Belt-One Road OBOR projects, and not self-aggrandizement as indulged in at Devos by Trump who actually believes in practicing arrogance and deception, forgetting that it will eventually see it stuck in an irretrievable political and economic impasse.
If you have time to introspect, do ponder over why the various nick-named devastating hurricanes and natural disasters have started to visit you so often. Man proposes Uncle Sam! but God disposes.
—The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran ex Director Programmes.

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