Man is born free but..!

Wajahat Abro
Shikarpur, Sindh

The maxim which explains that one is born free but afterwards one is held in social chains is indubitably right. However, it is a custom of the world that a child does not have any sense of his surroundings. Thus, he feels freedom and enjoys full privileges of life. But as soon as one becomes elder, one really comes to face multiple hardships in society. Such challenging adversities never let him live free life. It is clearly seen that a person has to undergo several quagmires in every corner of the world.
But one problem, that has been the most deep rooted in one’s life, is early marriage. Yet, early marriage has been one of devouring acts, which does not let any couple to live in a peaceful atmosphere of life. There is no denying fact that early marriage creates uncountable sordid problems in society. Death while pregnancy, family issues, lethal diseases, dangerously social matters and other physical and mental problems are coming under fold of early marriage, which always become hindrances between a man and his freedom.
Furthermore, according to the law of the world; everybody has freedom to live freely but factually, one is completely bound in the chains of societal troubles and tribulations. Many citizens of the states of the world are not given their fundamental rights, freedom of expression and freedom of legal activities. Getting the examples of Syria, Palestine, Kashmir and other cruel, barbaric and pitiless countries where humanity is sold, life is the cheapest and peace is a dream. The native of such states have been treated harshly and their freedom has been snatched brutally. Keeping Indian-occupied Kashmir in view, it is categorically seen that every Muslim is deprived of social activities. Muslim society has been sent into lurch, not given fundamental rights and treated like slaves in that part of Kashmir. Doubtlessly, aforementioned critical and hurtful stories really reflect and prove that all people of the globe were born free but unfortunately the wretched world has bound them in chains.

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