Mamnoon seeks youth role to help accelerate pace of national progress


Tariq Saeed


Terming the China Pakistan Economic Project (CPEC) as a lifeline for the Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussein has said he saw a very bright future for the country.
‘Pakistan’s future is very bright, yet great responsibilities lay on the shoulders of students and youth to take it forward on road to progress and economic prosperity’. President observed speaking as a chief guest at the 21 Convocation of the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Science and Technology Institute (GIK) Topi, Swabi.
Addressing the students and the parents President Mamnoon Hussein said that quality education especially science and technology played a significant role in the rapid progress and sustained economic development of a nation. He asked the students to get ready for the opportunities in the context of multi-faceted China Pakistan Economic Corridor Project (CPEC) which he said was a lifeline project for Pakistan that offered a lot of jobs opportunities for youth and the students must harmonize and prepare themselves by taking advantage of it.
He said CPEC would make Pakistan a very important country of the region besides bolstering trade and industrialization by connecting people and states of the region. He said CPEC was a gift of PML-N Government for people of Pakistan and all propaganda of opponents regarding western route were rejected by people.
He said owing to wrong policies of past regimes, national institutions like PIA and Pakistan Steal Mills were overloaded due to massive recruitments adversely affected its overall growth and performance.
‘By learning lessons from the past mistakes we should all work together by working tirelessly in our respective selected professions to take the country into new height of glory and economic prosperity’. President said.
He claimed that due to prudent economic policies of PML-N Government, the economic growth rate has significantly improved and Pak rupee against US dollar remained stable after a long time and confidence of foreign investors was restored.
President said being a Muslim our learning traditions had remained very outstanding in world and we need to focus on science and technology to retain our past glory. ‘The real development is character building of students rather than making progress in materialistic goals,’ the President remarked.
He said corruption was a social evil that impede progress and development of a country and joint efforts was required for its completion eradication, saying that ‘we all should hate from corruption and corrupt elements’. President said adding we need to focus on science and technology for a brighter and developed Pakistan and promotion of vocational education and role of GIK was very important towards achievement of this objective’.

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