Malnutrition in children

I realize that a rapidly growing human population in Pakistan needs an increasing amount of food to sustain their livelihood. Children especially in Tharparkar, Balochistan and southern Punjab face a serious threat of insufficient food. This under nutrition has hampered the children to become healthy both physically and mentally. Under-nutrition can lead to less development of brain and lower IQ in children. Not only it affects children’s mental condition but also it leads to life-taking diseases, anaemia and life-long blindness. According to World Health Organization (WHO) estimation, more than 250,000 children in the world become blind every year because of Vitamin-A deficiency. And lack of dietary iron causes anaemia and malaria. And the fact is that Pakistani children are already suffering from a number of diseases. However, the primary reason for malnutrition is poverty which is common in the areas of Tharparkar, Balochistan and southern Punjab. As in Pakistan already 35% people live below poverty line, therefore, it is somewhat difficult for children to have balanced diet. So, a great responsibility lies on the government to provide supplements to malnourished children because if left unattended, they is a great possibility that they may lose their life.

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