Malnourished Pakistan

Pakistan is among such countries where children are still dying particularly due to malnutrition and lack of basic health facilities. According to Health Department, every year about fifteen hundred children die due to malnutrition, infections and lack of proper medical facilities in the remote areas of Pakistan. The United Nation’s Children Fund in April released a report that concluded that Pakistan is among countries with the highest infant mortality rate, with 22 infants dying before turning one-month old.
Especially, Thar district where reports of infants’ deaths keep pouring in throughout the year but outrageous situation yet has failed to awake the quarters concerned from the deep slumber. Accordingly, three more children succumbed to malnutrition in Tharparkar the other day (Saturday). The alarming situation suggests how our successive governments that never miss any opportunity of speaking high about democratic norms and traditions failed to fulfil their responsibility to at least protect the children from hunger and stunted growth. Indeed, if the true potential of the desert region is exploited, it will generate a massive economic activity that will not only steer the people of Thar out of poverty but also provide job opportunities to the people of other districts in Sindh province.
Ball Nigwar

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