Malik Riaz sets example

REAL estate tycoon and one of the leading philanthropists of the country Malik Riaz has drawn generous appreciation of people of Pakistan in general and Karachiites in particular by extending a huge amount for cleanliness of the city of the Quaid. Bahria Town signed an agreement with KMC for removal of backlog of garbage from Karachi, an operation that would cost Rs. 10 billion, to be provided by Malik Riaz.
Removal of garbage and cleanliness of Karachi has become a big issue – so big that even the provincial government and successive administrations of the civic bodies were unable to achieve the objective despite their tall claims and frequent drivers that ended in failure. This is because the city generates 13,000 metric tonnes of garbage daily and the DMCs can handle only forty percent of it, which means daily backlog of sixty percent. The estimated backlog all over Karachi, both in rural and ubran areas, is around 1,100,000 tons, which would now be disposed of with the help of Bahria Town staff and machinery. There are heaps of garbage in different areas of Karachi and even drains and nullahs are full of filth leading to unhygienic conditions in a city of twenty million spreading diseases. Now that Malik Riaz, who has a reputation of doer and achiever, has undertaken to complete the task of making Karachi clean, one can rest assured that time is not far off when the provincial capital of Sindh and the country’s business and financial hub would become worth-living. Malik Riaz has track record of managing things in an efficient manner and it is before people of Pakistan that he is managing Bahria Town more efficiently than Capital Development Authority maintains Islamabad, the beautiful. Bahria Town schemes everywhere are comparable to European standards in many ways and civic bodies of different cities and towns have much to learn from this experience. It is all the more encouraging that Malik Riaz has also offered to look after any hospital or road, if assigned to him, by the Mayor of Karachi. We hope that other well-to-do people would also follow the footsteps of Malik Riaz to help resolve problems of major cities, towns and communities in bad shape.

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