Making Pakistan a ‘second North Korea’

Hamza Ali

Zalmay Khalilzad, a US diplomat of Afghan-origin, who played the key role in America’s policy towards Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, has advised the US government to adopt a policy of “total isolation” against Pakistan and send Islamabad a strong signal to face the prospect of becoming a “second North Korea” if it continues destabilizing Afghanistan by supporting the Taliban and Haqqani network.
He asked the US government to suspend all assistance to Pakistan and “move towards isolating Pakistan internationally, and also restraining IMF’s financial support to Pakistan.” Zalmay’s tirade came amid reports of American ties with Pakistan going sour. Indian Prime Minister Modi, in his address to the US Congress, urged America to isolate Pakistan. India is also being given enhanced role in Afghanistan since the Chabahar corridor has been given to Indian control.
Richard Oslon, the US envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, has on record admitted that various Indian Consulates are active along the Pakistan border in Afghanistan. Obama has penned a number of deals with India, including 100 F-16s to be given to India, and together use the Indian soil for drones, etc. This shows the level of cooperation and punitive action to be taken if and when required.
One understands that opposing the “US War Business” is not a solution. One understands that unlike the propagated myth, America has never helped Pakistan or any other country in the world, except their own “colonies”, like Alaska, Hawaii, etc. America has only helped America. That’s why there are around 1,000 US military bases all over the world. That’s why the US controls the UN Security Council and uses NATO for its own ends. That’s why around 250 armed conflicts are raging in the world, under the American ‘supervision’.
Doesn’t America know Indian Black Cats are protecting Mullah Fazlullah in Afghanistan with the Ashraf Ghani government very much in the know? Doesn’t America know the Afghan army attacked the Pakistan side and inflict casualties on Pakistan, and then pressurising Islamabad, saying Washington won’t be party to the conflict resolution? Don’t we know the 7th fleet never reached its destination?
It is not America that helped Pakistan; it is Pakistan that extended all kinds of help; helped America won the war against Russia and pull Americans from all sort of troubled waters. Tom Harkin, the Senior US Senator, rightly said: “Cold War or Hot War, in every war they (Pakistanis) stood by the Americans. If it was not for Pakistan, I dare say the Cold War would not have been won.” Nothing is permanent in this world. If communism faced death, so can the capitalism, refer to Wall Street protests! Should the US disappear from the map tomorrow, UK, Russia, Switzerland, France, China, Belgium, Israel, etc, are all ready and willing to take over.
The business as usual will continue. By backstabbing Pakistan, America is losing a friend that has sacrificed its men, around $1trillion property, its decades of peace and future of generations. My isolation is my solitude, we are better off without you. Remember words of Kissinger “America as a friend is more dangerous than being an enemy.”
— Islamabad

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