Making Census results controversial

SOME vested interests that tried to scuttle the much-delayed exercise of 6th National Population and Housing Census have again become active to make results of the count controversial. PPP leaders are leading the campaign whereas some stray voices from other parties are also joining the chorus for their petty political considerations.
This is highly unfortunate that we attribute motives and doubt to most transparent of the processes and their outcomes just for the sake of personal, group or party interests as well as parochial tendencies. Punjab is the loser in the results of the Census as its population has come down by one percent and Sindh is the beneficiary as its population has gone up by one percent. Similarly, population of KP has also increased and as a consequence the two provinces would get additional share from the federal divisible pool of taxes at the cost of Punjab. The result should have been agitated by Punjab but here the case is other way round. How is it possible that one would fudge figures when each and every team of enumerators was accompanies by personnel of Pakistan Army and they also maintained their own record for crosscheck purposes. This effectively means that those questioning transparency of the exercise are just indulging in anti-Punjab rhetoric and they would not be satisfied until and unless the province is turned into a minority through whatever means. This attitude of PPP is somewhat understandable as it has reduced its following in provinces other than Sindh to virtual extinction because of its own follies. It has confined itself to Sindh and is indulging in anti-Punjab rhetoric to remain relevant in Sindh politics but shamefully at the cost of national unity and harmony. If this is not the case then why all the Chief Ministers accepted results and allowed their release at the recently held meeting of the Council of Common Interests (CCI). Instead of disputing the count, all governments especially those in Sindh and KP should take measures to check the population growth, which, according to Asad Umar, amounts to collective suicide.

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