Make Pak power supplier

REDUCING power outages from eighteen hours to about  two hours in urban centres in a matter of four years is a  testimony of the fact that present government has done some tremendous work in the power sector to steer the country out of darkness. Whilst supply situation is improving with each passing day with the commissioning of a mix of coal, LNG, solar and wind powered power plants, ground breaking of more is being performed keeping in view the future requirements of the country.  Friday saw Pakistan and China yet again signing an important agreement for the setting up of a 1263 MW LNG based power plant in Jhang. The project is slated to be completed in twenty-six months and will start power generation of 810 MW within fourteen months. It is one of the series of projects that Pakistan will complete with the cooperation of China. In fact the Chinese companies will be investing about $35 billion in nineteen power projects which will generate over twelve thousand megawatts of electricity under the multibillion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project (CPEC). We understand that these projects will not only help Pakistan meet its growing power requirements but also enable it to export it to the regional countries. As China is building interconnecting grids with Pakistan as well as many other countries, Pakistan can contribute its surplus energy to the Chinese grid to earn valuable foreign exchange. But to accomplish that dream, the relevant quarters still need to do a lot more work to improve the efficiency of our transmission system, reduce line losses and check the pilferage besides exploiting 60,000 megawatt hydroelectric and 90,000 megawatt wind potential. Though fully exploiting the hydel and wind potential is a gigantic task and requires a lot of funding.  But while making it a priority and moving forward with sincerity of purpose, we can seek cooperation from friendly countries such as China to accomplish the goal, thus making the country an important power supplier to the region. In fact this is an opportunity that is knocking at our doors and we should not miss it at any cost.


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