Make or break

Both America and Pakistan have waged verbal war against each other over the issues of terrorism and financial aid. This situation is really a matter of concern. When it is easy to understand the concerns expressed by the US President Donald Trump, the summation and the explanation given by the Pakistani authorities should be equally heeded and respected. American President is in particular talking about hunting terror groups in Afghanistan that, according to him, has been largely disturbed due to Pakistan. First of all, America must see the actual roadblocks coming in the way of tackling terrorists. Maybe a new perspective should dawn on America in this regard. This apart, Pakistan being the hub of many renowned English newspapers can easily send its message to the West through its own strong media. The undisputed fact is that Pakistan is home to wealth, beautiful culture, knowledge and vast natural resources that can largely benefit the international community. Strangely enough and curiously enough, sincere efforts by the government in Pakistan and America’s emphatic and cooperative approach will definitely make the best decision. And this will stop America painting Pakistan in a negative way – in the long run.
Maharashtra, India

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