Make elections credible

AS Election Commission of Pakistan is fully geared to conduct general election 2018 on time, Caretaker Prime Minister retired Justice Nasirul Mulk did well on Thursday by visiting the Secretariat of the Commission and reviewing arrangements in a meeting with Chief Election Commissioner retired Justice Sardar Muhammad Raza. The former reiterated his assurance to the latter of extending all possible cooperation in its bid to hold elections in a free, fair and transparent mode.
The very objective of installing caretaker set ups after dissolution of assemblies is to ensure fairness and neutrality of the electoral exercise. This is important as black spots mar credibility of elections, undermine legitimacy of the government so formed and provides justification for others to destabilize the ruling party as we witnessed during the last five years. People of Pakistan are ultimate sufferers as they are deprived of long term and sustained benefits of the policies and programmes initiated by the Government and at the end of tenure of every Government the country seems to be back to square one. On its part, the ECP is doing well and there is, so far, no substantial complaint against its working or arrangements. The process for procurement of necessary material and ensuring security on the election days is also going satisfactorily with Defence Ministry agreeing to deployment of 350,000 troops for electoral duty. Security both during election campaign and on polling day is crucial in the backdrop of reports that attempts might be made by some outside forces to disrupt the country’s smooth march on road to democracy. It is also duty of the caretaker set up to ensure that all parties get level playing field during all stages of the election, which is clearly not the case at the moment as both NAB and judiciary are focusing on some politicians and sparing others.

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