MAJU professors research report on city drinking water published in int’l journal

The first metagenomic study report on characterization of bacterial communities in drinking water supply system of mega city Karachi has published in an international research journal recently which has been prepared by Prof. Dr. Kamran Azim and Faizan Saleem of Bio Sciences department, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi.
The study report has revealed that bacterial communities found in the drinking water being supplied to the citizens of Karachi, majority of these bacteria causing not any kind of disease.
It is mentioned here that for this study water samples were collected from various areas of the city including Kinjher Lake and Hub Dam water supply system. For the preparation of this report on drinking water bacterial community the study was conducted through latest technology called Next Generation DNA Sequencing which provided very useful information.
During this study the researchers reached on this conclusion that majority of bacterial community found in drinking water supplies to the citizens are not harmful for spreading any disease. According the report the bacterial community which is available in Karachi’s drinking water are known as Pseudomonas, Legiionella, Neisseria, Acinetobacter, Bosea and Microcystisgenera. It is very interesting to note that such study has been conducted in very few cities of the worlds with the use of Next Generation DNA Sequencing technology. It is also mentioned here that this study report may be use for further research and interrogation activities, particularly by organizations working for environmental study or water and sewerage departments — NNI

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