Major storage facility

It is quite alarming to note that per capita water availability in the country has decreased considerably due to rapid and unbridled growth in population and depleting water storage capacity of the reservoirs because of natural phenomenon of sedimentation.
It is also a matter of great concern for all right thinking people that Pakistan can store only 10% of its annual river flow against the world average of 40% because no major storage facility, like multi-purpose Kalabagh Dam, has been developed after Tarbela Dam due to lack of ever-evasive national consensus among the federating units particularly Sindh.
Kalabagh Dam can be constructed in just six years, will generate 2400 to 3600 megawatt of power and can store as much as 7 million acres of feet and in case of its construction, if Punjab will get 20 lakhs acres feet additional water then Sindh will get double than this 40 lakhs acres feet water for irrigation purposes.
And, drought like situation is also fast onrushing and Pakistan may face drought like situation as early as by 2025.
As next general election is fast approaching, this is to request my brethren and sisters of Sindh province to voice their support for construction of multi-purpose Kalabagh Dam and vote for only such political party which supports it to avert onrushing drought.
Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could not bring the federating units together to ensure national consensus like he had done in 1991 for signing of historical Indus Water Accord among the province, his successor PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi may give some time to this matter of great national importance and need-evolving of national consensus on Kalabagh Dam and give go ahead signal to WAPDA for its construction on a priority basis and get his name written in golden words in history of Pakistan.

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