Maintaining strong deterrence

IT is a matter of great satisfaction that the country over the years has developed a strong missile system equipped with short, medium and long-range missiles. We once again saw its manifestation on Wednesday when Babar Cruise missile was successfully test fired. Babar weapon system is described as an important force multiplier for country’s strategic defence given its capability to penetrate the enemy’s air defences undetected and survive until reaching the target.
Given the Indian belligerence that became even more apparent since the installation of Modi as the PM, Pakistan has no option but to stay focused on equipping its armed forces with latest weapons and technologies to foil nefarious designs of the enemy. Just this year, the Indian government has signed defence agreements worth billions of dollars for purchase of a whole lot of modern weapons. It is also investing massively and working closely with Israel for development of anti-ballistic missile systems. We are confident that our relevant quarters will not be oblivious to this situation and despite limited resources will counter this very threat just as they neutralised and put cold water on Indian Cold Start doctrine or the limited war strategy by introducing tactical nuclear weapons. In current circumstances when India is whipping up war hysteria, it is Pakistan’s reinforced deterrence that has actually prevented New Delhi from attacking us. As our hostile neighbour is not trustworthy and even if tension reduces at some point of time, we need to remain fully prepared and continue our journey towards building more sophisticated missile and other defence systems. This is the only factor, which will keep our arch-enemy at bay.

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