Mainstreaming transgenders

Shakeel Ghouri

Ironically, the transgender community is viewed as ostracised and a lot of discrimination exists in society against them. Now there is a dire need to counter the old traditions and fight for the rights of this underprivileged and grossly neglected community. It must be realised that unless the educated class of society begins to raise its voice against the deep-rooted stereotypes about transgenders that lead to their social marginalisation and persecution, nothing substantial will change for this oppressed class of society and they will remain lurking in the miserable shadows of darkness and despondency
It is indispensable to change mindset of the people towards them and persistent persecution of such weaker groups should no longer be tolerated by saner minds of Pakistan.Viewing transgenders as unimportant and inept people is actually symptomatic of society’s denial to offer them due space and respect that consequently hinders them to live a life of prosperity and progress. What matters is how do society treats them. It is only the society’s denial to recognise them as equal citizens that results in their poor status. Government should make arrangements for their education and employment so that they can use their full potential and live a life of respect and freedom.
It is worth asking whether the state and society will show any semblance of determination in providing them with an enabling environment that can turn them into useful citizens and lessen their misery. The first step in the right direction will be to make efforts for bringing the transgenders into mainstream by educating people to accept them as equal citizens. If this does not happen, violence against them will remain common and subsequently a large segment of society will be deprived of a respectable life which is in no way a sensible national approach.

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