Magicians in bus

Maaz Aftab

I was too much exhausted when I got on to the bus, because walking from our department to university’s gate, which is exactly 1.7 kilometer, with carrying a bag of laptop, weighted approx. 6 lbs, is pretty challenging. Besides, the bus was too much overloaded that made me further sluggish. The people were pushing each other as it was full of passengers.
I got the place just near the back door. I stood in the way that my bag was facing the back seats (last seats). Just after a few minutes, I realized something rare when three people, together, got up from the seats, and a person behind me vigorously started pushing me. I thought that he opted to have a seat, however, he didn’t sit, which made me realize that some trick has been done with me. As they got off the bus, I touched my bag but there was no laptop. I was totally shocked because the bag was properly zippered as it was never touched. It was like a magic! I shouted anxiously and interrogated few people, but it was all in vain, because magicians were got off.
It is my kind advice to all my friends that please take care of your bags. Keep the bag in your hand, or hang it in a way that it is at your front not at the back, even though it looks clumsy, it is far better than losing your valuable stuffs.
— Karachi

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