Madina bomber disowned by family

Tabuk/Riyadh—Fahd Musallam Hammad Al-Nujaidi Al-Bluwi has renounced his terrorist brother Naer Al-Bluwi, who carried out Monday’s suicide bombing in Madina, stressing that he strongly rejects the terrorist act perpetrated in the vicinity of the Prophet’s Mosque. He said his brother’s actions went against Islamic teachings and that all his family members have disowned Naer and condemned his crime.
Fahd said three years ago, Naer joined the Border Guards, but later quit and was living in Tabuk. He used to visit his parents in the Wajeh Governorate occasionally.
He stayed with them this last Shaaban. On Ramadan 25, he told them on phone he was going to Makkah.—Arab News

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