Made in Pakistan!

From where, scribe has to start penning on the title, is difficult to decide? Anyhow, I visited Algeria – a Muslim State, gifted by Allah with beautiful landscape and also, maintained well, by the people. I visited almost all historical sites including from where Tariq bin Ziyad crossed by boats and conquered Spain! During my stay, what thing disturbed me the most was that almost all products of daily life were found in markets – made in India, China and the likes. I visited Pak Embassy – which is impossible for a labour – because of dealing style of baboos, sitting in the compound generally! Anyhow, I discussed the problems of Import/Export and manpower in Algeria. The reply was whenever, we convinced importers, first-of-all, response from our country was/is dead low/slow. And, if succeeded, the quality of material found very bad. So, the Embassy is shying in sending interested big importers!
In case of manpower, the response was – though 6,000 Pakistanis are present in Algeria, yet decreasing day-by-day, which I guess due to least working style of our Embassies. In general, they receive high-ups from the country, visit with them country-side and say Allah Hafiz on departure back. The manpower succeeded on own intellect (say zero support from Government of Pakistan). On other-side, our neighbourers –Indians- are more than 25,000 (in hotel business, especially). The reason is that their Government is supporting them fully.
In this situation what Pakistan has to do, to fix strict punishment to guilty exporters? And, in case of manpower M/o Manpower and Embassies should work hard for helping manpower at the time of departure/arrival and related problems (a cabin should be reserved on airport). Arrange gathering of manpower on important occasions like Independence Day and the likes (it is a way of pulling manpower towards more love, devotion and awareness). In this way a Pakistani (like the scribe) may become to see more manpower abroad and increasing export. And, one day, we, may purchase daily life articles from other countries – made in Pakistan!!

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