Madaris reforms

Referring to recent speeches and statements of Prime Minister Imran Khan about reforming the system of education in the country, some newspapers thought to write about Madrassah Reforms and the need for their mainstreaming. What the PM had said, however, was that the prevalence of multiple systems of education in the country has divided the nation into classes and has given rise to a feeling of deprivation and lack of opportunities among those belonging to the underprivileged class. He expressed his resolve to do away with systems and replace them with a single uniform system of education equally available to all sections of the society.
The vision of PM is laudable but the task is gigantic. It requires a large amount of money and calls for sustained work by a team of dedicated experts for fairly long period of time. However, given the political will and determination of the national leadership and considering the immense benefits which shall accrue from it, the exercise deserved to be undertaken in the right earnest and without delay.
Once the new system of education becomes operational all existing educational institutions, whether regulated by foreign or Pakistani boards of education (Private or governmental) must break away from their existing arrangements and start working under the new system. All Madrassahs in the country must also be included in the new system and follow its curriculum and teaching methods. This would revolutionize and overhaul the entire system of education in the country including those of the Madrassahs. If necessary, a legislation to give legal cover to envisaged scheme may also be brought in.

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