Macron’s landslide win

FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party won a massive majority in parliamentary elections, dominating the country’s traditional forces in a dramatic re-drawing of the political map. The result would give 39-year-old Macron one of France’s biggest post-war majorities, strengthening his hand in implementing his business friendly, pro-EU programme.
Though there are reports that the turnout was low, which is being described by critics as reflection of the fact that Macron has no groundswell of support but the result highlights desire of French people for a change. The Assembly would be transformed with a new generation of lawmakers – younger, more ethnically diverse and with far more women than in outgoing parliament. The scale of change is forecast to be so large that some observers have compared the overhaul to 1958, the start of present presidential system, or even the post-war rebirth of French democracy in 1945. Macron himself had a resounding victory in May presidential elections but some observers were skeptical of his winning a parliamentary majority that could give him a free hand to implement his ambitious agenda of political and economic reforms but the latest results have proved them wrong. France is one of the important global players and historically Muslim countries enjoyed cordial relations with Paris. However, irritants crop up because of unnecessary focus on veil and some terrorist incidents. We hope that Muslim leaders would engage France in meaningful negotiations in removing these misunderstandings and taking political and economic ties to new heights.

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