Lynching of student in University

Umar Khalid Dar
Manchester, UK

I am shocked with the incidence where a student was killed by other group of students on the allegation of sharing blasphemous content on social media. The event clearly shows the polarization in our society where the opposing parties are both on the extremes. To start with, we must condemn the incidence as taking law into own hand is neither justified nor acceptable in any society that is governed by rules and regulations. But on the same note let me condemn those who share blasphemous content on the pretext of free speech. Its old saying that in Rome do what Romans do and everyone must understand that they are living in a society that is deeply religious and people are especially very sensitive about their Holy Prophet [PBUH]. Whether the individual killed was involved in the blasphemy or not, only an impartial inquiry can tell but let me also lay my blame on the authorities where they have always been slow in responding to such charges. Many cases are lying in courts for years, whereby accused blasphemers have not been acquitted or found guilty and given due punishment. This protraction encourages people to take law into own hand as they are sure that Government will not take action. Point in case is about the recent allegation of blasphemy on certain bloggers who were apprehended by the Government but later allowed to go out of country without declaring them innocent or guilty. In last, I would urge the Government to make a law whereby the blasphemy cases are heard on a daily basis and decision given within certain time limit, say one month. The guilty should be punished as per Islamic law or the law of land and if the accusation is found baseless then the accuser must also be severely punished.

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