Lying awake..!

EVER so often do I hear people telling me how they lay awake through the previous night. They make it sound like the end of the world. “You lay awake all night?”
I ask laughing. “Yes,” they say, “yes, don’t laugh Bob!” “And did dragons and leopards and ghosts try to get at you?” “No!” they say and then start laughing with me. I was once like that. I thought it was the most terrible thing to lie awake. I tossed and turned and woke my poor wife, and walked the house and most probably woke everyone else. My wife would get up and give me a sleeping pill which started acting when dawn was breaking and it was time to rise.
I still go through bouts of sleeplessness, but have started enjoying these moments. I look out of the window and see the trees swaying gently or during the monsoons; vigorously. I hear the gentle tinkle of the wind chimes placed just outside and I think of a great big God above who like a father with a smile on face is lulling His children to sleep. He looks at my wide awake eyes and gently pats my head. I talk to Him and He replies in tones slow and peaceful. I have all the time with Him, because the others are asleep and He is mine alone. Slowly like little child I fall asleep.
It hardly bothers me now if I fail to fall asleep; it means I can have my special little conversations with my God above..! There are many of us who don’t fall asleep because we don’t know when the day closes and night begins. We plough through the evening hours and instead of slowing down our activities pack in double time. Those who live in the country side know that people instinctively fall into a quiet and peaceful mood at dusk. Voices are lower, and the quietness that settles over the earth influences the movements of people.
Thus, following the rhythm of the day, people calm down in the evening. Their tempo becomes slow and relaxed, their bodies and minds are at ease, and when they go to bed they find it easy to sleep. What nature instructs us to do is to calm down through the evening. Spend evening hours in unburdening your mind and put your cares in the hands of God, you will sleep as you put your head down…!

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