Loyalty to the State

Waheed ali
ARTICLE five of the constitution of Pakistan requires every citizen to be loyal with the state of Pakistan which is basic responsibility of every citizen residing within or abroad. Thus, Loyalty of people is very important requirement which is required by modern states from their citizens. Loyalty is basic duty of every citizen of a country. But in most of cases we find people focusing on their rights and forgetting their duties. Case in this regard is no different in domain of people of Pakistan.
How unfortunate it is that politicians in Pakistan make big promises of being loyal to the state of Pakistan and its people but such promises are not more than paying lip service. Loyalty demands to respect and protect state institutions and sacrifice personal gains and aims in mutual and state interests. Only big speeches and claims to show loyalty to state are not enough but loyalty requires practical manifestation of words. A famous quote goes on like this “Loyalty is not a word it is a life style.”
Whatever image of a state we see is direct reflection of loyalty of its people. For example see the USA which attained the status of super power that was the result of the pledge of Americans to make their country super power. See the rising China whose people have also pledged to make China rise and the intentions of Chinese are no less than that of Americans. Both the Americans and Chinese have done nothing but they have become loyal to their respective countries. However, Americans and Chinese are not sole examples of loyalty in the globe; we can find a number of other nations as well who are loyal enough to their countries to make them progressive, happy and prosperous nations.
Loyalty is not a theoretical or bookish term but actually it requires practical implementation in life. Above described examples of Americans and Chinese are not theoretical rather practical. People in Pakistan also need to renew their thinking and fully understand what sate of Pakistan owes them.
Both loyalty and negativity cannot go together. The tragedy of our people is that they have become victims of negativity as they measure everything about Pakistan in negative aspects. Why do our People not think independently and rationally, what has made them to divide their opinions about the state? The answers are not difficult to be answered. We just need to look at realities. Whatever is shown by media, it is not only the business going on in Pakistan. There are thousands of good things that happen every day in Pakistan. But unfortunately such good news seldom takes corners and attention in newsrooms. Though media is free and freedom of speech is a right granted in the constitution of Pakistan, there is also need to make use of such right by showing positive image of Pakistan.
Loyalty to the state also requires people to portray positive image of Pakistan. The reason is that the negative news takes attention of enemies in minutes and they leave no stone unturned to harm the image of Pakistan. So, it is we who give way to enemies to conspire against Pakistan. Pakistan is not only country that faces violence and crimes, it is considered so in world because we provide them tools to do so. According to the report world most dangerous cities in world by the Economist, Karachi is not a city where ratio of crimes is high but there are also worlds least known cities i.e. Tehran, Jakarta, Manila, Caracas Ho Chi Minh City where crimes take place routinely but due to the least media coverage to the crimes, world is unknown to their criminal activities. Nevertheless, Karachi has got not good fame and is largely viewed as an unsafe city.
Respecting sate institution is also a duty of every citizen and it is fundamental to be loyal. Recently, leader of a political party cursed Parliament while addressing a public gathering which opened new debate in political arena. Cursing Parliament or any state institution is in no case example of being loyal. It is an irony in Pakistan that political pundits speak more of being democratic and loyal but never change their words into actions. As ‘actions speak louder than words’ so the only uttered word keep no value. It is a quality of a good leader to keep both words and action in same pace.
For Pakistan is to progress, every one of us need to be loyal to the state not verbal or theoretical but in practical terms. There is also urgent need to portray positive image of Pakistan in Particular and all state institutions i.e. Parliament, Judiciary and military in general. The function of all state institutions is to safeguard Pakistan and for this they require respect from everyone. Threat to any state institution should be considered threat to Pakistan. Similarly, loyalty to the state of Pakistan requires loyalty to all state institutions. Long live Pakistan.
– The writer is Research Associate at Pakistan House, a think tank, based in Islamabad.

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