Low status of teachers hurting education system

Experts addressing a symposium titled “Teachers Matter” held here Thursday attributed poor perception of profession to shortage of teachers in the country’s public and private schools.
The event organized by Aga Khan University’s Institute for IED brought together 250 policy experts, principals, teacher educators and researchers who noted that the low status of the teaching profession is one of the major issues affecting the recruitment, development and retention of qualified teachers.
The misconceptions present in phrases such as those who cannot do and thing else teach and that you are just a teacher are at the heart of Pakistan’s education problems, said one of the speakers.
It was emphasized that the country’s commitments under the sustainable development goals require education stakeholders to attain universal access to primary and secondary education by 2030. “You cannot achieve education for all without having teachers for all,” IED Director, Dr Sarfaroz Niyozov regretting that teachers are looked down upon even though their work lays the foundations for an educated, prosperous society.Speakers at the event unanimously noted that many aspiring teachers choose to follow other professions because of concerns over pay and career development.
They highlighted the need for school systems to introduce formal career development plans as well as continuing professional development schemes to boost teachers’ subject knowledge, teaching skills and their broader understanding of the profession.—APP

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