Low PH can cause cancer


MANY causes of cancer have been suggested over the years. Some are more common than others, such as the nicotine in cigarettes contributing to the development of lung cancer, and alcohol causing liver and mouth cancer. Others are not as commonly referred to or considered, such as certain medications including aspirin.
A low pH is one of these factors, one which is not commonly known, but one which certain scientists believe should be considered. pH, or Potential Hydrogen, refers to hydrogen-ion concentration.
Ideally this should be balanced in the middle of the scale, where it is considered to be neutral. A high pH means that the ion concentrate is alkaline, while a low pH denotes an acidic concentration. The body, being roughly 60% water, is usually a pH of 7.3, which is neutral verging on alkaline.
An acidic pH means that the blood and other fluids in the body become more acidic. This at first is thought to cause moderate symptoms, such as tiredness, headaches and chest pains.
However, as this acidity grows the acid is deposited around the body, depriving these areas of the oxygen lev-els they need. These deposits are thought to occur in various places around the body, and as a result cause a num-ber of side effects. These can include deactivating enzymes which digest food, decrease the energy produced by the body cells, and leave you more prone to catching illnesses. As this process continues, the cells in these areas start to die.
However, there is a theory that these cells can survive, but through becoming abnormal, and it is these abnor-mal cells which are thought to spark the development of tumours in the body, and thus cause cancer.
Cancer cells are also cells which will only survive with a lack of oxygen reaching them. An acidic pH of the body will cause these cells to be deprived of oxygen, while an alkaline pH will be much richer in oxygen, meaning that cancer cells will be unable to develop.
Therefore, it is important to live a lifestyle which encourages a balanced pH rather than acidic. This can be done in a number of ways. A diet rich in potassium and magnesium is a good way to do this.
These minerals can be found in many sources, including fruit, vegetables, wholegrain food, nuts and seeds. To gain the most benefits from these foods try eating them raw, as cooking can strip the benefits away. Drinking lots of water too is thought to help to balance your body’s pH.Stress too can cause your body to naturally become more acidic, against all forms of illness.

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