Love and respect

Anup Biswas — my senior office colleague. However in my first 18 years of official life, hardly had we interacted at a personal level. But things started to change from last year after I “modernised” myself to social media! One fine day I received a few messages from him through WhatsApp. After such series of to and fro messages between both of us, I realised that maximum of our thoughts on various social issues meet on common ground! And within a few months I realised that he has become very close to my heart.
One day Anupda informed me that he is leaving for Ladakh next evening for a family trip. So I made a mental plan to surprise him by seeing them off at station! But I didn’t disclose it to him! Next day after our office gave over, I started for the station with sweets. On the way, Anupda called me inquiring whether it would be possible for me to meet them at platform! Indeed I got emotional by such psychological connection!
As I stood up to leave the compartment prior to departure of the train and about to deliver the sweets, Anupda’s better half surprisingly handed me box of delicacies for my child! What a sweet coincidence, both literally as well as much more importantly emotionally! I perceived true relationship can attain what a height where sheer hearts do all the talking in an instinctive unspoken fashion!
And I was just wondering about the magical transformation of my relationship with Anupda in just over a single year! And what has acted as the catalyst! Just words and words — but kind words loving words respectful words tolerant words coupled with accommodating feelings at hearts.

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