Looking for scapegoat?

Masood Khan

Let’s accept the fact that Pakistan has been facing diplomatic isolation all around while Indian charm attack is winning our friends one after the other. Isn’t it the time to sit back and re-review our polices leading to such a disastrous situation, or to find a scapegoat, blame him and go back to sleep. Does Sartaj Aziz really think that Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan’ ex-ambassador to the US, is such a powerful lobbyist that he has forced Americans to make drastic changes in its policy towards Pakistan? Shouldn’t the events of last few weeks — F-16 sale fiasco, get-together of Pakistan’ three neighbours at Chabahar, Afghanistan’ aggressive stand on border issues, not good enough to at least stop the mantra that both military and government are on one page, and face the reality?
Don’t we know the outside world gives a damn to our stand on Haqqani network and Afghan Taliban? We need to realize that time of proxies waging war on our behalf in neighbouring countries is over. World is not ready to accept our explanation what OBL and Mullah Mansoor were doing on our soil. Apparently our strategists are still living in 80s that’s why we are not ready to accept a post-9/11 world. They still question why Americans are fighting all those jihadists who were once working for Americans.
There is no rescue in finger pointing at Hussain Haqqani; face the fact that despite Operation Zarb-Azb, religious/sectarian menace is on rise, in absence of an alternate narrative space for liberals is being squeezed, sectarian and jihadi lashkars — ASWJ, Lal Masjid, JuD, LeT, JeM are freely rooming around. What does Sartaj think the foreign diplomats in Islamabad would be reporting on rallies and public meetings under the auspices of Defence of Pakistan Council (DPC), being attended by sectarian and lashkar outfits. All such rallies ensure army of their support and we never see a Tweet from ISPR that they don’t need such support!
Mr. Aziz, be brave to call spade a spade. First take over the country’ internal and foreign policies, finish off sectarian menace, establish alternate narrative, wipe out proxies and then see how Pakistan gets back its friends across the region. Till that time, we shall be singing the one-page mantra!
— Saudi Arabia

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