Look up..!

THE picture I saw this morning in a magazine was interesting. It showed two passengers in a train, one man was looking out and up at the tall, snow- capped mountains and smiling. The other man was looking down at the floor of train and frowning angrily.
The man looking out was enjoying the beautiful view. The man looking down was seeing only the dirt on the floor and was missing the scenery outside! As you know, some people spend their lives looking down. Downcast in spirit, they hang their heads and lead negative and joyless lives. Frankly, it’s a difficult way to live. Others are constantly looking out, but in a fearful way. They watch anxiously for problems, real or imaginary, that they feel will threaten their happiness. Because they are scared of risks, they seldom challenge themselves to grow and rarely build themselves up in life.
There are others too, who always seem to be looking around. Forever searching for a better partner, a better job or a better situation. They keep a watchful eye out and seldom want or experience a long lasting commitment. And others yet can be found looking back. They believe their best days are behind them and they have no hope for the future. They can’t fully enjoy today because their eyes are on yesterday. They always spend their time talking about the past. About the good old days. But a few vibrant and enthusiastic people are usually found looking up.
These strong individuals have learned how to look beyond problems and to find solutions; beyond discouragement and to find hope. Their positive attitude also draws others to them. They see the good in everything because they look for it. They are encouragers and, at very often, their hopeful attitude inspires those around them. For such people who learn the habit of looking up, the reward is usually satisfaction and joy. As Earl Nightingale correctly stated, “Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.”
Let us go back to picture of two men in the train: Strange, isn’t it? You can tell a lot about a person simply by noticing which direction they are inclined to look. Do they look down? Or do they look out? Maybe they are often found looking around or looking back. But there will always be some who will look up.
Are you one of them? If not become one of them. Become that man in train who sees the beautiful snow capped mountains and smiles with joy. They are leaders of this world, and once you also train yourself to look up, u will automatically become one, yourself. Look up..!
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