Look beyond the drums..!

ONCE upon a time, the sound of drums announced a big event. Today drumbeats are louder than the event they herald. In a colony I know off, a simple outdoor treadmill, the kind you see in most parks was installed in the society garden. Video shooting was done.
Ribbons were cut and the organizers landed up in such finery that the poor treadmill felt a little ashamed! The event was glorified and put up in all of social media, and once again I heard the drumbeats being louder than the event. Nearby, three buildings looked at the event with quiet dignity. They had managed to get themselves legalized through the efforts of a handful who had got the same colony a clubhouse without touching the society funds, a well which supplied water through the year and many other things, but never had they used the drums to get publicity for themselves!
I looked at both the events; one where the drumbeats inaugurated the exercise machine, and the second where silence surrounded the legalized buildings, the ever flowing well, and the beautiful clubhouse and I knew people were not fooled by drums. They heard the drums. They ate the mithai offered, but they always guessed that the louder the drumbeats the bigger ulterior motive.
The ulterior motive may be the need of recognition for themselves or buying peoples sympathy for some other bigger project. In the case of this colony, I heard the publicity was towards the redevelopment of the old buildings, which would profit in hundreds of crores of rupees!
Don’t trust the sound of the drums anymore! Stop getting fooled by loud music, free dinners, extravagant events etc. Stop getting fooled by full page government advertisements of achievements and look beyond, at the reason itself. “Can you tell me why the drums are being sounded?” “No sir, just listen to the drums!” “But I want to see the reason!” “Sir, just listen to the drums!” But don’t listen to the drums. Go deeper. Study what is happening. Close your ears and open your eyes to the truth. Quite often you will see that truth clothes itself in silence. Truth does not need publicity.
Those buildings, that clubhouse and that well in the colony spoke louder than the drums though in silence! In this age of technology, there is much fancy work put into power point presentations which fool you and me. Look deeper, beyond the colour, the graphics and sweet fonts. Search for the truth. Don’t get fooled: Look beyond the drums..!
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