Long pants..!

TAILORS all over the country are dancing on their sewing machines: Thousands of khaki long pants are soon going to be made and there’s much money to be made, “Long pants are also different from shorts!” said a tailor, “Unlike the boring shorts, trousers can be made in different varieties! Bell bottoms, tights, pleats, with belt, without belt, under the tummy, over the tummy, below the backside, above the backside…”
“I don’t think this organization will want its men wearing their pants below the backside,” I said. “They are quite conventional in their thinking!” “Conventional as long as shorts were there!” said the tailor, “But now with such a variety of styles, every rule will be broken. Just look at those policemen over there! Look at the inspector, wearing skin tights, and do you think that’s khaki?”
I nodded. “It’s going to be a stylish organization soon,” I agreed. “And,” continued the tailor, “the khaki can now come out of hiding! For how many years khaki was worn, under dhoti, beneath pant, inside wedding suit, and people were left guessing! Now khaki is out in the open!”
“That’s a biggy for the khaki cloth industry!” I said. “But what are they going to do with all their old khaki shorts?” I asked, “There must be thousands of them!” “I’m glad you asked,” said the tailor, “We are going to organize a countrywide sale, collect the proceeds and give them to gym owners!” “Why?” I asked puzzled.
“Have you seen that the whole country is flooded with gyms?” he asked. “Yes,” I admitted, “they are everywhere!” “But no more will they be needed,” said the tailor, “Now all these thousands and thousands of fat legs, thin legs, skinny legs will not be particular how they look. They’ve got long pants to hide them!”
“There’s going to be huge unemployment of gym instructors!” I mused. “Restaurant owners are overjoyed though,” said the tailor, “They feel with trousers on nobody will worry about protruding tummies anymore! Look at that inspector!”
I nodded, and shook my head in the direction of Nagpur, this decision of switching from shorts to long pants was having very far reaching consequences. “How did this idea originate?” I asked.
“Ah!” said the tailor, “It’s just that the Prime Minister had become a little too fond of his Modi jacket. It was like his own style statement, and he always had the excuse that the jacket and those shorts would look ludicrous together! But now, he has no choice: Show us sir you like khaki, not just your jacket!” I nodded, now I understood where the long pants came from..!
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