Lockdown Islamabad call met its logical end

Lahore—Punjab government’s spokesperson Syed Zaeem Hussain Qadri (MPA) Tuesday said that PTI’s call to lockdowm Islamabad has already fizzled out as wise public has once again rejected politics of hooliganism and furtile protests. “Nation has seen an end to politics of Imran Khan and now he should stop playing negative politics,let the government work freely and implement its public welfare policies,” he added.
Speaking to this news agency via telephone,he said those who lost peoples’ trust in elections time and again were now bent on grabbing powers forcefully. He said PML-N leadership gave full respect to leadership of other political parties and expected same from others. “If PTI has some concerns they can use the forum of parliament for the purpose”,he said.
He said democratic system was in place and tiny marches, rallies and sit-ins could not hamper the process of development and progress.
“Ballot is the only way to bring a positive change and PTI leadership should wait for election 2018”, he said,adding attempts to cripple the government through force was not democracy but anarchy. He stressed the need for abandoning the practice of politics for the sake of politics and urged all to focus only on improving country’s economy.
To a question, Zaeem Qadri alleged that enemies of Pakistan were irritated over initiation of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and that was why they had planted Imran Khan to halt this vitally important project. “CPEC will make Pakistan centre of trade and commerce in the region of three billion population,” he cited.”Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz is country’s most popular party making day and night efforts to resolve peoples’ genuine problems”.
To a query,the spokesman shrugged off PTI leaders’ allegation that thousands of their workers were thrashed out or detained. “Neither the police raided houses of any of political workers nor made any arrest,” he clarified. “Least participation of public in lockdown Islamabad call is ample proof of peoples confidence over PML-N leadership and its government”,Zaeem observed.—APP

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