Living legends

As hundreds of welfare organizations can be seen working on education of underprivileged, let me share a personal inspiration whom I met at a book festival; Master Ayub a fire fighter at Fire Brigade introduced the concept of street schools in Pakistan. Scarcity of resources couldn’t be an excuse when he was high spirited. His enthusiasm led this idea inspire many others that it’s been 30 years now even a group of students have collaborated with Master Ayub to give the school a more official look and collect donations. The management team has also started a volunteer program where different students from schools, colleges and universities come to the park to teach the children and turn the compassion into action. There are two full-time teachers who have been teaching alongside Master Ayub for quite some time, without taking any pay. He started teaching a group of four students in Islamabad’s sector, F-6. The students have been increasing exponentially and currently 200 students are enrolled in the school and receive education free of cost. Unfortunately, the school does not have a proper location and is set up in a public park where students sit on the ground and the teachers can be seen teaching them with a black-board besides them. He shared an example of one of his students, who used to gather garbage from different places and now is a student of well known university of Pakistan pursuing his bachelors. We must help all the people who are working for this cause, gather books and stationary for students and give them a proper environment. So, it proves we shouldn’t be blaming the system only, we must take little steps like this and our little efforts will make this country a better place to live. There are many ways to help them by being a part of this beautiful cause.

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