Living example

Sujit De

Kudos to Fauzia Sardar Niazi for her letter titled, “Listen to the silence” (Pakistan Observer, February 28, 2016) in which she underlines the need to understand that “actions speak louder than words” when it comes to teaching a child. There is no alternative to this difficult but straight path. I think we need to follow the guidelines of the Mother if we want to do justice to the immense potentiality which is hidden in every child. The Mother said, “The children must be educated in an atmosphere of love and gentleness. No violence, never.
No scolding, never. Always a gentle kindness and the teacher must be the living example of the virtues the child must acquire”. To be a living example is very difficult but the Mother said, “Example is the most powerful instructor. Never demand from a child an effort of discipline that you do not make yourself. Calm, equanimity, order, method, absence of useless words, ought to be constantly practiced by the teacher if he (or she) wants to instil them into his (her) pupils”. This is the only way as even a little child can understand that his or her parent or teacher is not as good as his or her word. As the Mother said, “Never forget that a little child under six knows much more than he can express”. So, we are to teach ourselves first if we want to teach our children. Mother said, “Be very calm and very patient, never get angry; one must be master of oneself in order to be a master of others”.
—Kolkata, India

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