Livestock deptt suggests important steps to determine sacrificial animals health


The Livestock Department advised the people to take special care while purchasing sacrificial animals on Eid ul Azha as some precautionary steps are helpful in determining health of sacrificial animals. Most of the citizens visit cattle market once a year, to purchase animals and they lack information about some very important features to determine their health.
According to Livestock Department Focal Person Dr Majid, people should get gloves and caps from staffers of Livestock Department before entering into cattle market for purchasing animals. Citizens should carefully observe ticks or lices on hides of animals and in case they found ticks then they must manage anti-ticks spray or injections before purchasing.
Citizens should also check the sitting place of animals and monitor urine and dung of animals. If they found urine and dung in normal state then they should purchase the animal, he informed. Dr Majid further remarked that animal should be alert and active in movement, and he advised the people to purchase animals in daylight instead of night time because they could assess the health of animals easily. There should be no swelling, inflammation or redness on legs of animals.
Similarly, citizens should also minutely observe stains of diarrhea at any part of the animal body. There should be no eye secretions, no marks of lesions or redness at any part of the body. “If there are some eye secretions then it could be sign of eye worms diseases in animals. Similarly, nasal discharge is also one symptom of trachea and lungs infections. The skin of animal should be bright and dull skin indicates symptoms of dehydration in animals.”
The official added that some cattle dealers used to sell female animals. The citizens should approach team of Livestock Depart, which is present in all cattle markets, for pregnancy test of the animals. “If a citizen purchase animal from a farmer instead of cattle market then he should call at Help Line 08000-9211 of Livestock Department for determining the pregnancy test.”
Citizens should identify special place in their homes for temporary accomodation of animals. It should be vast, spacious and nature friendly environment, he maintained. The animals should not be tied with electric pole or near barbed wires. “ Keep animals away from other animals so that they should not fight one another. It is often seen that citizens used to tie animals quite near and they start hitting one another.”
Children should not be allowed to bring their cattle on roads. Sometime, animals get out of control and start running on roads which could cause injury to animals or cause road mishaps, the official added. Similarly, they should manage vehicles which could easily transport the animal from market to home.—APP

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