Livestock deptt controls FMD of cattle


Punjab Livestock Department in-collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO- an UN body) have completely controlled Foot and Mouth Diseases (FMD) of animals in South Punjab. About 21 million doses of good quality vaccine have been inoculated in over 90 lacs cattle in eight districts and Cholistan, covering the whole population of large ruminants.
According to focal person on Livestock Multan Dr Majid, since vaccination, only nine outbreaks of FMD have been recorded in these districts. All these outbreaks were recorded in unvaccinated animals.
Most importantly, the virus did not affect vaccinated animals, which is also success of the vaccination programme. The vaccination campaign had been launched since April 2017. However, during the same period, a total of 340 cases of FMD outbreaks have been reported from the rest of whole Punjab.
Dr Majid added this is also be noted that in the same districts, the Livestock department had previously recorded 97 outbreaks during first three months (Jan-March) of Year 2017. Previous data also showed very high prevalence of FMD in these districts, he said adding that it had been controlled completely.—APP

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