Live National Assembly proceedings

AT long last, parliamentarians demand for live telecast of Parliament proceedings has been fulfilled as Speaker National Assembly has given permission to government to do so. According to the plan, PTV National would telecast live proceedings of the House and it is expected that arrangements would also be made for telecast of the Senate proceedings live as well.
Details of the deal or arrangement have not been made public, therefore, it is not possible to comment whether this would be in the business interests of the state media or it would be made to telecast live proceedings free of cost. On the face of it, there is hardly any justification for live broadcast of proceedings through state media. If the proceedings are so important, interesting or relevant then private media too would be in a mad race to telecast them live but it is not the case. At times, proceedings are dull and meaningless for people and it would amount to wastage of tax money and nothing else. Live proceedings might generate some interest in the beginning but with the passage of time, viewers are bound to lose interest for a variety of reasons including quality of debates and discussions, politics of accusations and counter accusations and dominance of the proceedings by some particular figures. Some people expect that very feeling that the proceedings are going live would help improve contents and quality of the proceedings and all participating members would make it a point to speak sense. However, if parliamentarians did not mend their ways and behaved as they do now then it is feared that they would lose whatever prestige they still have in the eyes of people. But one community is surely going to benefit immensely from live proceedings i.e. journalists, as they would be able to watch the proceedings and file stories and reports without the need to go to Parliament House.

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