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Naveed Aman Khan

NORTH Korean President Kim Jong-Un was born on January 8, 1983 in Pyongyang. He is the youngest son of the late “supreme” leader, Kim Jong-il. Kim Jong-Un’s grandfather is also founding father of North Korean Nation. Kim Jong -Un is a military commander without personal professional background and training. When his father died in 2011, he took command of the North Korean Army. With practically no experience in the armed forces, the world is on edge as Kim has control of his nation’s military.
Young Kim Jong -Un was temperamentally similar to his father Kim Jong-il .That is why Kim Jong-il favored him over his elder brother Kim Jong-chul. He began taking Kim Jong-Un on military inspections to familiarize him with the State affairs. During 2009, he was being groomed by his father as his heir apparent and soon thereafter he was appointed at a mid-level position in National Defense Commission, the country’s highest office. From mid-2009, he was being referred as ‘Brilliant Comrade’ throughout North Korea, after which he was also made head of State Security Department. Even though he had no military experience, he was made four-star general in 2010, followed by his appointment as the Vice-Chairman Central Military Commission.
After Kim Jong-il’s death on 17 December 2011, Kim Jong-Un was formally appointed as the Supreme Commander of the North Korean Army on 30 December 2011. In March 2012, he was appointed as the First Secretary of the Korean Workers’ Party, with his late father becoming ‘Eternal General Secretary’. He took over his father’s responsibilities, as a member of the First Chairman of Central Military Commission. In April 2012, he was elected as the Chairman of the National Defense Commission at the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly. After this he removed Chief of General Staff Ri Yong-ho who groomed and helped him consolidate power after the death of his father and assumed the title of ‘wonsu’ or ‘marshal’, thereby taking complete control of both political and military power. Kim Jong-Un, in December 2013, ordered the execution of his uncle Jang Song-Thaek, who was accused of plotting against the State. He never spares the foes of Korean Nation if touched. In 2014, he was elected unopposed to the Supreme People’s Assembly. Kim Jong-Un is the current Supreme Leader of North Korea and belongs to Korean Workers Political Party, a position he inherited from his father Kim Jong-il. Kim Jong-Un is the first North Korean supreme leader to have been born after the nation was founded. He is known to be an absolute dictator and ruthless in his behavior.
However, this North Korean leader has not yet been successful in overcoming the challenges his father faced during his rule, including dire poverty, ruined economy and tensions with America, Japan and South Korea because he was moving ahead in a giant pace to have nuclear deterrence. He paid complete attention towards nuclear and hydrogen bomb which is many times more catastrophic than the atomic one and of course the ultimate North Korean intercontinental missile technology. North Korea is successful in achieving these defence and technological set goals. Now he is paying attention towards the torrential conditions of his nation. America is in a fix. On one hand America ridicules the struggling North Korean nation and on the other hand names North Korean Supreme leader Kim Jong-Un as “The Rocket man”.
In response to Trump’s provoking threats North Korean President has warned America that button of firing nuclear or even hydrogen bomb is on his table. This button may teach lesson to America in a friction of second. This reflects a behavior of a strong successful and confident leader. His nation is still struggling hard and paying heavy price of the survival but they are with their leader. This is the strength of North Korean leader. In fact, North Korean foes are stunned and could not digest the successes of the bread struggling nation.
Similar is the situation with nuclear Pakistan. Trump has recently once again threatened Pakistan. Trump’s threat to Pakistan has pleased our day one foe India. China and Russia categorically have condemned and rejected American threats to Pakistan and North Korea because any venture against Pakistan and North Korea will jeopardize world peace. Both Pakistan and North Korea always welcome dialogue with equality, self respect and grace. America, wants to make Pakistan and North Korea new Libya or Iraq. The time has changed. Both nuclear powers – Pakistan and North Korea – are not Libya or Iraq. Responsibility and reality should be observed and admitted. Any mischief in this regard either way may end in ashes. China and Russia shoulder Pakistan and North Korea. This is great moral, political and diplomatic success of confident Pakistan and North Korea. The out of bound super power America should opt the humanly policy of live and let live for the world peace. The biggest threat to world peace is the US itself.
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.

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