Literate people’s incivility

Abdullah Hafiz

You can expect incivility from illiterate people more often than those who are educated and claim themselves to be very civilized people. At my university I have noticed a number of students throwing soft drink cans, wrappers etc on the floor even where there is a dustbin just a few feet away. They don’t bother to take the trouble to go to the dustbin and choose to throw things where they are sitting or standing.
Although there are several sweepers appointed for the job of cleaning the premises from time to time, this incivility only shows how ignorant these students are. The real meaning of education is not in terms of academics only but also in terms of how you conduct and display yourself at all times. Not only this, I have also seen a dozen of girls misbehaving with the sweepers, speaking to them in harsh tones. What a matter of shame! This only shows how uncivil these so-called literate and civilized people are!

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