Literacy is the only remedy for issues facing the country: Razina

“An illiterate is just like a handicapped person who can be easily betrayed and detracted by anyone; because he is unaware with his surroundings and about current affairs running in the country.
Literacy equips the person with knowledge and awareness skills which enables him to understand better, so he enjoys a better socio economic life and assists in the nation’s overall development”. This was observed by chairperson NCHD Razina Alam Khan while presiding the 48th Commission Meeting of the NCHD, on Tuesday.
The meeting was attended by commission members, Ms. Khursheed Bharocha from Balochistan, Ms. Saba Gul Khattak from KPK, Dr. Sono Khangrani from Sindh, Dr. Mubashar Bhatti from Punjab and representatives of Federal Ministry of Education and Technical Training and Ministry of Finance along with DG NCHD Ms. Samina Waqar. Chairperson NCHD said we are a nation of 200 million people; unfortunately more than 64 million of the population is still illiterate even today, which is the main challenge. Poverty, child labour, terrorism, gender discrimination, issues related to democracy, population growth and ignorance are all consequences of illiteracy, she claimed. This is a vicious circle, all interlinked, hence all out war against one will disrupt the development chain of a country, she adhered.
Thus it is imperative to liberate ourselves from these shackles of illiteracy; we have to get out of this vicious circle, she stressed. While discussing the exacerbating situation of education in the country she said there are 22.4 million children of 5-16 yrs out of school in the country. Among these children there are 6.4 million of 10-16yrs, those who can not be enrolled in government primary schools due to their age factor, NCHD is devising a plan of 3 years to enroll all these children in non-formal schools.—APP

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